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A Gathering Place for Groups Big and Small

Ni River Manor in Spotsylvania, Virginia is an elegant countryside retreat with room to gather, relax, play and celebrate. The private house sits on 8 acres of land with amazing dining room, movie room, lounge area and more. It’s a perfect place for family reunions, parties, celebrations, meetings and special events!

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Family Reunions

Family reunions are an occasion when many members of an extended family can congregate. Sometimes, reunions are held regularly, for example on the same date of every year. Having a family reunion each year, or every few years, you’ll never not know who a family member is, you’ll always have a reason to be in touch, and new family members by birth and by marriage will also have chances to meet the whole family at once! Family reunions are a fun celebration of your family and how big it continues to grow.

Whether it’s a fancy banquet-style reunion or an all-out barbecue in the great outdoors, you can be sure to expect some good food to be served over the few days’ span of the family reunion.

Ni River Manor is the perfect place to host your family. We have several games on site such as bubble soccer, volleyball, kickball, horseshoes, moon bounces and many other activities!

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Kids’ Birthday Parties

Ni River Manor in Spotsylvania, VA offers a venue and complete event planning services for a birthday party. Our team of professionals will take note of your requirements and provide birthday ideas to suit your needs and budget. No matter what size birthday party budget you have, Ni River Manor can create a package for you. Let us handle the birthday party and you just enjoy your memorable moments, make your guests surprised by the best birthday bash in the town. We have made many parents happy with our birthday parties at Ni River Manor!

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Bachelor Parties

Honor the groom-to-be with a final night out with the bros. Whether you’ve got a bar crawl, poker game or both lined up for the night, our Ni River Manor will help keep the party together.

The bachelor party planning traditionally falls on the best man, but it can also be handled by the groom’s brother or another good friend. All of the guys in the wedding party get an invite. don’t let the guest list get too long unless the groom specifically requests it. You can even invite the bachelor’s dad and future father-in-law to the dinner portion of the evening — just be sure to see them off after dessert, before the real late-night debauchery begins!

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Bridal Showers and Bachelorette Parties

The purpose of having a bachelorette party is to honor your single life, spend time with your closest friends and have a lot of fun! But it’s also a time for you to get away from the entire wedding planning shenanigans and to relax completely, without getting distracted. Ni River Manor is the perfect to place to host your bachelorette party!

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Rehearsal Dinner

Your sole purpose might be wedding planning night, but don’t forget about rehearsal dinner planning too! At Ni River Manor, you can have a wedding rehearsal and an amazing dining area to host your dinner. The night before your wedding, it should be about the two families getting comfortable with the big day. Ni River Manor is a perfect setting for giving everyone a taste of what they can expect for the rest of the weekend, as well as simply celebrating your love in a comfortable, nonchalant setting!

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Corporate Meetings and Gatherings

These events may include a flashy introduction to a product along with an address from the company’s most important executives. Large product launches also tend to feel more like big parties with well-known guests, dinner, and entertainment. Ni river manor has spacious rooms for dining and entertaining, as well as outdoor tents for overflow and breakout sessions. We’ve got you covered!

Attended a reunion/birthday party at the manor and had the greatest time. The owner was so kind and helpful and very accommodating. The space/property is stunning and more than enough room for large parties. It was one of the best weekends I’ve had and will forever be one of my favorite memories. Cannot recommend the Ni River Manor enough! Will definitely be back / book it myself for events in the future!

Sydnie Rob

Fredericksburg, VA

What a gorgeous venue! I used this property for my conference. It is spacious and very clean. Everything I needed was at the Manor. Use of the kitchen, lunch on the patio. Multi purpose room included use of the projection and screen. The grounds is well kept. We all wanted to jump into the outside pool once the conference was over!

Michelle Riddick

Fredericksburg, VA

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